Your Advantage

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

Your big advantage: You have only one contact person - the Wedding Planner of Hochzeitswerkstatt!

Oganizing a dream wedding is expensive and very time-consuming, as a rule. We undertake this activity for you and always keep track of it...

  • the budgets
  • time-consuming bid solicitation
  • many meetings with service providers
  • phone calls & emails
  • concept development
  • contract negotiations
  • and much more...

In addition to major time savings, you also benefit from the extensive experience and know-how of our company. We know the latest trends and have the best ideas ready for you. Take advantage of our excellent network of professional service providers with top quality from all industries and our excellent local knowledge.

Together with you we develop your very personal wedding script, which sets the guidelines and the motto for your special moments. Whether classic or modern, whether exclusive or discreet - we plan your wedding individually, just as you are.

Based on our experience as a Wedding Planner we know fantastic places of Vienna, Lower Austria up to the wonderful Salzkammergut. Dreamy huts and lakes, romantic palaces and castles or quaint dining rooms and party spaces.

Wedding Planner

What does a wedding planner anyway?

We support you organizing one of your best days in your life. Either searching for the right location, the right photographer or selecting the menu - we are on hand with help and advice for your. We advance concrete proposals and create a wedding concept together with you filled with creative ideas.

Through our sense of style and exclusivity we are planning your dream wedding to the last detail, without losing sight of the essence.

We keep your work-life balance in equation, because with us you have a reliable partner that provides time for the essentials.

At your wedding, we ensure a smooth process flow too, so you can celebrate completely relaxed. For couples, who prefer to take the organization in hand themself, we also offer counseling sessions and workshops or only take over the service on the wedding day for you.