Terms of Service

1. General

These terms and conditions are to be used as a basis for all contracts concluded with us. Our contractual partners are both bride and groom, unless otherwise stated. Changes or additions to our terms and conditions are only effective if we expressly recognize them in writing. The clients confirm that they know the contents of these conditions.


2. Contract

Our offers are always to be considered binding; In the absence of agreement to the contrary, we consider each of our offers to be binding for four weeks from the date of the offer. The contract is concluded by signing a written contract. Before the conclusion of the contract, we can charge a reasonable gross price of € 60 per hour if the conclusion of the contract is denied by the clients for reasons beyond our control.


3. Prices

All our prices are gross prices. Accruing cash expenses such as fees to be paid, travel expenses (outside Vienna) are not included in the agreed price and will be charged separately.


4. Payment

For the timeliness of the payment is not the dispatch, but the date of receipt of the payment by us or the credit to the paying agent. All payments are effective without deductions in the specified currency. If a down payment has been agreed within the scope of the consulting contract, this must be paid in cash or by bank transfer at the same time as the conclusion of the consulting contract. This will be noted on the contract. Otherwise, all amounts are to be paid within 14 days after invoicing to the stated account without deduction. Bills of exchange and checks will not be accepted. Discount and collection charges as well as interest are always charged to the client. We are entitled to charge a reminder fee of € 12, - for any reminder of fees due. In the event of culpable late payment, we are entitled to default interest of 1.5% p.m. to invoice.


5. Execution of our Services

The services rendered by us remain our property until full payment of the entire contractual order. This applies in particular to intellectual property. In particular, the clients are not entitled to implement our plans against our express objection, unless all outstanding invoices have been paid. The clients acknowledge that only consultancy, organization and support services are provided within the consulting contract. A certain success can not be promised. We are dealing with individual suppliers such as Restaurant operators, music groups or flower shops, do not conclude their own contracts, but the individual contracts are concluded exclusively between the suppliers and the clients or third parties. However, it may be issued by the bride and groom a power of attorney, so that the contracts, after careful consultation, can be taken over by us. However, this does not give us any liability for bad filling by individual suppliers.


6. Cancellation Policy

In principle, the clients have the right to withdraw from the concluded consultancy contract at any time in accordance with the following cancellation conditions. A contract resignation is not possible however with the package mountain crystal (consultation) or package emerald (professional check); In any case, the agreed gross flat-rate price must be paid in full for the waiver of the service to be rendered by the contractor. In the event of cancellation of a full service, the cancellation fee is based on the announced wedding day. Up to six weeks before the specified wedding day, the cancellation fee is 50%, four weeks before the wedding day 75%, one week before the wedding day 90% and from a cancellation shorter than one week before the wedding day 100% of the agreed net price. In case of withdrawal from an agreed wedding day care in the previous week of the wedding day 50% of the agreed amount will be charged. If billing is arranged by the hourly rate, we have the right to charge all hours worked until cancellation.


7. Warranty and Damages

Within the scope of the statutory provisions, we guarantee our services in accordance with this contract. Warranty claims are excluded, however, as far as our plans or explicit instructions were violated, but also in case of faulty order execution by third parties. The same applies to errors that are due to information, recommendations and instructions of the client. In principle, we are liable for damages only if intent or gross negligence are proven within the framework of the statutory provisions. Liability for slight negligence, compensation for consequential or pecuniary damage, unrealized savings, interest losses or damages arising from claims of third parties is excluded.


8. Miscellaneous and final Provisions

Our clients can only offset our charges with legally binding claims. We are entitled to process data about the clients we receive in connection with the business relationship for purposes of marketing and the like. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is, as far as this agreement is admissible, the relevant court in Salzburg as agreed. Austrian law applies to this contract.