Support on your Wedding Day

You have already completed the perfect planning of your wedding and you just want to be a guest and host on your special day?


Here Hochzeitswerkstatt jumps in and offers you professional support on your wedding day with the package Sapphire:

  • Preliminary discussion with the bride and groom
  • Visit of the location chosen by the bride and groom
  • Discussion and takeover of your planned schedule
  • Optimization and process coordination of your prepared wedding concept
  • Support on your wedding day by Hochzeitswerkstatt together with an assistant
  • Coordination of all suppliers on site (photographer, floristry, music, agape, etc. ...)
    and after comprehensive transfer of all information and contact details
  • Coordination of the guests on site
  • Care on the day of the wedding until the cake cut
    (up to 24:00 o'clock or 10 hours total duration)
    Betreuung am Hochzeitstag - Paket Saphir


 flat rate € 790,00


Alternatively Hochzeitswerkstatt offers the complete organization of your wedding.