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The right care for the bride and groom

The most beautiful location, the best food and the most expensive wedding dress do not use anything if the bridal couple literally "does not feel well" in his skin. And to make sure that does not happen, Hochzeitswerkstatt recommends to its bridal partners the unique fresh cosmetics of Ringana. Information and orders are made in the Ringana Shop.

As well as the connection of the newlyweds is fresh, you should also rely on fresh care products for the body care. Fresh in this context means that it is freshly produced and therefore no preservatives are included. This difference to conventional care products can be felt and seen on the skin. We wish our bridal couples that they feel "comfortable" in their skin on their most beautiful day in life!

And for the extra dose of energy on your wedding day, we recommend the natural "energy booster" called RINGANAchi. Thanks to its fine recipe of pineapple, ginger, maca, ginseng and caffeine, it invigorates the body and stimulates the senses in a beneficial way.

The Ringana Shop provides you with all the information you need about fresh care products and nutritional supplements.

The 5 most important tips for proper care:

1. Water on!

Drinking a lot is the be all and end all for a beautiful and radiant skin. The body is supplied with sufficient moisture for all sorts of body functions and the regeneration of the skin ensures a more even skin. 2 to 3 liters per day are a good guideline that you should definitely stick to.

2. It does not work without cleaning!

A good cleaning is essential to give bacteria no chance at all. A 2-stage cleaning is especially recommended.

For the gentle cleansing of the face with the cleansing milk, especially in the sensitive eye area. Nourishing medicinal plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients ensure pure skin well-being during cleansing. Apply the cleansing lotion first and then rinse again with warm water.

The tonic effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin.

For gentle facial cleansing, especially in the sensitive eye area. Nourishing medicinal plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients ensure pure skin well-being during cleansing. Extended pores contract. In addition, it not only has the effect of post-cleaning, but contains moisturizing or regenerating agents. In addition, water, which is very calcareous, neutralized by the tonic ...

3. Fresh care - a must have

After cleansing, a hydroserum is used for the stressed skin. Dry wrinkles are a thing of the past, as the hydroserum moisturizes the skin - for a smooth, velvety-soft skin and radiant complexion for the happiest day of your life.

The fantastic discovery for a stunning look and for every skin type is the cream concentrate.

The secret of a caressing face is as simple as it is unique: on the one hand, it is valuable, carefully selected plant ingredients, fatty acids and vitamins that pamper the skin; On the other hand, the nature of their mixing is impressive. The cream concentrate nourishes the skin as a microcell emulsion - it combines the light skin feel and the excellent spreadability of oil-in-water emulsions with the moisturizing and nourishing effect. Damaging environmental influences are shielded, a light protection factor protects against UV rays. The optimal care for day and night!

4. Fresh air is required

The skin also looks much younger when you give it a plus in oxygen. The skin absorbs 5% of oxygen through our largest organ - the skin. What else is there to do a long leisurely walk with his fiancé. Or with the bridesmaids a bike tour in the mountains. Even a round of jogging or walking brings our skin the "fresh kick".

For those who do not manage to be active in the fresh air in the hectic time, there is also the Cure Conzentrate_ _pro. It protects your skin from too much "lifestyle stress" and ensures a lasting radiance effect thanks to deeply-depressed wrinkles. Responsible for this is a unique, in its effect exceptional glucose derivative, which as a cell energy supplier almost magically reactivates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. In combination with exquisite essences such as amaranth oil, goldenseal and Indian aquatic fork, it acts as a feel-good cure for demanding skin.

5. Sleeping Beauty

Do not miss the beauty sleep! Often enough sleep is underestimated, because that is also part of the care of the skin. The skin also needs your time to recover, ideally 8 hours should be desired. The term "beauty sleep" does not come by chance, so let your beauty your time to rest. If an eventful day arrives, you can confidently consider a nap of 20 minutes.

We look forward to your visit in the Ringana Shop.

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